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Архив объявлений о знакомстве
за 2001 год

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28.01.2003 Наталья Каменева

Татьяна, 42г, 170/ 70, кареглазка спортивного телосложения,
жизнерадостная хохотушка
(несмотря на серьезные жизненные принципы),
любящая детей, животных, природу, путешествия
надеется на знакомство с финским мужчиной.
По профессии - фармацевт,
хобби - модельные стрижки для мальчиков и мужчин.
Живет в небольшом
северном городе Сыктыкаре.
26.01.2003 irensitn@blg.ru
I'd like to be registered in your agency
as I'm interested in getting acquainted with a man from Finland
for long term relationship and marriage.
I'm from the Far East of Russia.
Hope to hear from you soon. Irene.
22.01.2003 liliamspb2000@mail.ru
I am 31 y.o. live in Saint-Petersburg
.I lookin for any job in Finland.
I am inteligante, attractive.I
speak english and Russia, learning Italian.
Have a hight economical educate.
20.01.2003 Ирина

Beautiful lady seeks a man from Suomi
for her soul to spend time together and have fun.
I will be 26 soon,blue eyes, long brown hair.
I live in St-Peterburg.Irine irasa@mail.ru
23.01.2003 irina_al@permonline.ru
My name is Irina. I'm a Russian lady. I'm 39 but look much younger.
I'm rather tall, 174 sm and slim. My weight 59 kg.
I'm divorced and I have two sons, 18 and 12.
I'm smart and love active and healthy life.
My horoscope sign is Cancer.
If you are interested and believe in Zodiac
signs you know that I'm emotional,
cheerful with great intuition, sexual and sensitive.
I love home, coziness, order and I do everything at home with pleasure.
I like nature, animals, travelling, sea and sand.
I speak fluent English, can read and translate
German, understand and speak Finnish a little. I have a special liking for a
warm foam bath, romantic intimate parties with candles, I love snuggling near
the fire-place. In fact I like many things in our short life but what all they
mean without a happy family?
I just want to love and be loved. Is that too much?
In people I value sincere relations, reliability, rich inner world, respect
to a partner. The future husband should be family oriented, interesting,
generous, well-to-do, with a sense of humor, without bad habits. Between us
there should be real friendship and respect.

IRINA bbs1_2003_1_i.jpg (21981 bytes)
I will be happy to answer your letter.
18.01.2003 Klava Ivanova

Young ( 30 y.o.) , intellectual , attractive woman
have a Big Dream - create a nice family , where love ,
dialogue and mutual respect will always be present .
I expect of a man from Suomi - responsible ,
cheerful , honest , caring , optimistic , good-humored...
A Big Achievement starts with one small step - I made this step
and I really look forward to wait Your answer !
14.01.2003  fiona_devis@mail.ru
I want to get acquainted with the young man
of 20-26 years living in Finland.
My name is Elena and me of 18 years. I live in Murmansk.
I very sociable, cheerful and nice girl.
The photo will be in the first letter.
And you intelligent, lovely, nice and interesting.
Write to me, to us will be to talk about what...
13.01.2003 Евгений

36 приятный массажист из Питера ,
ищет подругу из финляндии.n.t-8124764994


12.01.2003 D G

Poznakomljusj s ruskoj devushkoj ,
prozivajushej v Finlandii dlja....eto ot vas zavisit...
Menja zovut Dima,mne 21.student.
v sledujushem godu zakanchivaju uchitsa.
Zivu v Pitere i nadejusj v blizajshem budushem uehatj v Finlandiju.
11.01.2003 Sasha

Marriage agency "L-klub" in Vyborg(Russia).
Wide range of the women all age
We look forward to business relations.
If you plan to visit our city and meet
family-minded women you are welcome to our agency.
Our telephone: +7 81278 24323
10.01.2002 senat@onego.ru
Мы супружеская пара с детьми 14, 11,
2 года живем в Карелии в г. Петрозаводске.
Часто бываем в Вяртсиля. Хотим иметь друзей из Финляндии.
Будем рады принять гостей.
Виктор и Татьяна.
7.01.2002 orange1972@mail.ru
Хотела бы познакомиться с самостоятельным,
серьёзным молодым человеком проживающим в Финляндии 30-35 лет,
православный, для серьёзных отношений.
Меня зовут Е лена мне 26.
3.01.2003 Alexander

Poznakomljus` s russkoj devushkoj bez vrednih privichek postojanno
proshivajushej v Finljandii, Shvecii, Norvegii dlja ser`joznih
otnoshenij, sozdanija sem`ji. Sam proshivaju v Norvegii.
Otvechu na ser`joznoje pis`mo s foto.
Moj e-mail algus@online.no
2.01.2003 Алексей

Ищу русскоязычную девушку из Финляндии для знакомства.
Мне 34/186/84 Живу в Москве.
Архив объявлений о знакомстве за 2002 год (по месяцам)
Архив объявлений о знакомстве за 2001 год

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