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30.09.2003 altyn peegel

Мы хотим создать клуб "Азиатов",приехавших из Средней Азии
и проживающих в Финляндии. Откликнитесь земляки.
Пишите по адресу:
и altyn6@yandex.ru . Наши имена Мавлюда и Алтын.
Ждем ваших писем.
30.09.2003 forever@onego.ru
If you are a Man I am looking for, please write to Natasha,
39 y/o/, high education and many interests, live in the north of Russia.
My parents live in Finland and I go often there.
People say I am a lovely and tender person,
but I can get angry if something unjust is happening
and my help is required to interfere and to help.
From the other side, I don't mind of coquetries, of making compliments
to a man, to make him sure he is the best: I enjoy dreaming, giving and getting
presents, writing and receiving letters from people whom
I like, cooking some unusual- only for you, just for your smile:
I hope in God, in universe laws, in magic things that should bring me to you.
My e-maill Natasha121@rambler.ru
30.09.2003 forever@onego.ru
Good day, or maybe evening, Iraida from Russia is writing to you.
In hope that you could be a friend that I am looking for:
passionate, independent and strong enough to help me to be just a bit happier.
I am a 36 y.o. woman, divorced, no children,
independent, optimist, natural and sensitive.
My e-mail Iraida08@rambler.ru
30.09.2003 forever@onego.ru
Nadezda, my name is translated as "Hope",
common Russian woman of 46 y.o, a little bit over-weight,
but as the Russians say "it must be a lot of a good person".
I live in the north of Russia in the capital of Karelia, near the Finland.
I am independent, I work, I like to make fun, to visit interesting place,
to know new people, to bring joy to what is around me.
I want to get acquainted with a good single man from Europe,
from a little country-side, simple, tender, careful, of about 60 y.o.
You are welcome to my place, to taste my cakes and bilberries pies.
My e-mail Nadya03@rambler.ru
30.09.2003 forever@onego.ru
I am happy to say you good day, for the first time.
And for the others, I hope. I am a simple Russian woman, of 40 y.o,
Finnish by nationality, very tender and calm, living in the north of Russia,
which is known by its quite and picturesque nature and wish-willing
and house-loving women, that have a special gift of being a good wife,
of helping to her man.
If I could meet a serious and honest man, somewhere in the world,
with good character, I would be happy to write to him first,
to get to know him better and to help him to be strong and a little bit happier:
My e-mail Hilda05@rambler.ru
29.09.2003 Wellu Varinen

Hey you beauty 26-36 years old women in Russia!
I am almost 40 years old man from East of Finland.
I am single, smart :) and I have no children.
I don’t smoke and I use alcohol only socially.
I am looking for lady Vyborg-St.Petersburg area.
You can write me in English or Finnish
27.09.2003 4mail4@mail.ru
Russian woman from Saint-Petersburg 44-168,
widowed, good looking, sociable and openhearted, non smoker and alk.
Hobbies: travel and nature. Seeks a man. +7(905)2176221

http://finland.pp.ru/bbs1.htm PHOTO

27.09.2003 khmdv@mail.ru
Меня зовут Мила.
Проживаю в юго-восточной Украине, в городе Луганске. Родилась 17.10.80
Люблю путешествовать. По натуре романтик.
Мечтаю познакомиться с финским мужчиной в возрасте от 25 лет до
50 лет. Любящим путешествия, романтичным, с разносторонними интересами.
Мой emaill
; lvica@yandex.ru
26.09.2003 Адрес удален по просьбе
автора письма

My name is Valeria. I am beautiful Russian girl 20 years
old. I want to meet Finnish guy for friendship, serious;
relations or marriage. Write to me, and I will send my photo.
24.09.2003 Панова Юля

Хочу познакомиться с мужчиной из Финляндии;
для переписки, дружбы, брака.
Мне 36 лет, рост 164, вес 60.Дочери 13 лет.
21.09.2003 voronin@tr.ukrtel.net
I am Mila from Ukraine. 23 years old.
I want to meet with finnish guy.
18.09.2003 morozilnik@bk.ru
my name is Natalie. I am 18th. I am from Murmansk region.
I am a student (2nd cours). I want to find a friend in Finland.
I will visit Finland in Desember and we can to meet.

17.09.2003 barliban@mail.bkc.lv
The marriage agency “AMONA” from Latvia
helps to find a party in Latvia for romance
and marriage for fiances and fiancees in your country.
We have the detailed info on our customers.
Furthermore, we are offering you cooperation,
and kindly asking you to send the data on a spouse wanted to our e-mail.
We are also organizing meetings in Riga.
12.09.2003 Helena

Приятная женщина (50/164/ 60) из Латвии ,
познакомиться с симпатичным ,надёжным ,с чувством юмора
мужчиной из Финляндии ,для дружбы и серьёзных отношений.
Я голубоглазая блондинка ,стройная, жизнерадостная.
Люблю путешествия и природу.
Часто бываю в Финляндии.
12.09.2003 irina7@kmscom.ru
Меня зовут Ирина. Мне 32 года. И я из России.
Ищу подруг по переписке в Финляндии.
Увлечения разнообразные: от вязания до написания рассказов.
Я замужем и у меня есть дочь. Пишите. Я буду ждать.
9.09.2003 extrem76@list.ru
A gentleman of 27 y.o., from St.Petersburg, Finnish speaking,
would like to meet a finnish girl (of any age) for friendship,
communications and for studying Russian-Finnish together.
I would be pleasured to come to you to Finland
and will invite you to St.Petersburg. Please phone:
+7-812-532-3859 lotirev@list.ru Artem
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